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What is the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Course?

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp Course Classroom

The Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Course is a recording of our private, 4 day, hands-on comprehensive crypto investing workshop called the Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™.  At the bootcamp, Leon Fu Dot Com™ and Tai Zen personally “hold the student’s hand” and teach them everything they know about how to get started and become a consistently profitable cryptocurrency investor by showing them exactly how to find the most profitable cryptocurrencies that can potentially make massive Life Changing Profits™.

We put heavy focus on building strong foundations for learning what cryptocurrencies are and how they work, while giving you the powerful tools and strategies to know how to safely use, store and protect them, and how to confidently manage and navigate trading and investing opportunities to give you the greatest chances for success.

Each time we do a live bootcamp, there are always people who cannot attend due to scheduling, visa issues, work demands, etc.  In the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Course, we have professionally recorded, optimized, updated and packaged the bootcamp in the best way to make it available for the people who do not want to miss out on learning everything we know about how to invest in cryptocurrencies but are not able to attend the live bootcamp in person.

Meet Your Instructors Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com™

My name is Tai Zen.  I had experience in trading stocks, futures and the forex markets, and in 2012, I discovered the Bitcoin whitepaper while working at an energy brokerage firm that operated a Bitcoin mining farm.  I did not understand the computer math and coding in the whitepaper so I asked my good friend Leon Fu Dot Com™ (we call him that because he is a professional software engineer and real nerdy “techie”) to help me verify that Bitcoin really works.

Leon Fu Dot Com™ had worked on wall street, dabbled in stocks and options investing, and started investing in Bitcoins and Litecoins after reading the whitepaper and immediately made some really nice profits so that encouraged me to start investing in Bitcoins as well.  We realized it was like the internet dot com boom of the 1990’s again and we wanted to get an early mover advantage to make some massive Life Changing Profits™!

How Did We Learn To Invest In Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Together, we thought we knew how to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (aka, “cryptos”), but we were totally wrong and got slaughtered in 2013! We made a ton of ugly, reckless, & bonehead mistakes and practically lost everything!  We almost gave up on crypto but we had never seen any asset in human history grow over 1,000,000% before like Bitcoin so we were determined not to give up!!!

Plus, we were passionately motivated to leave our 9-to-5 job, stop working for the man, and to not be slaves to the almighty alarm clock.  We knew that working for an hourly wage was NOT the recipe to making Life Changing Profits™.

We almost gave up, but were passionately motivated to figure it out

We pushed ourselves to “figure out how to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by learning from our past mistakes & failures which led us to some BIG breakthroughs including:

  • Certain “traditional” investing strategies ALWAYS caused you to lose bucket loads of money in crypto!
  • Certain traditional investing strategies worked amazingly better than others.
  • Certain cryptos such as Ethereum displayed very “obvious” traits of success long before they became a big hit.
  • Even better… we noticed that when you combine certain investing strategies, it dramatically increased your profits!
We started sharing our insights and discoveries, and others started to have success as well!

After carefully analyzing our successes and failures, Leon Fu Dot Com™ and I came across a HUGE game changer & discovered that there were 5 common traits to all the cryptocurrencies that “hit it big”.

We started to share our crypto insights and discoveries on YouTube with our friends, families, coworkers.  To our surprise other people started to follow us and have tremendous success as well.  Before you know it, we started to get thousands of new subscribers and a flood of requests for us to teach how to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to others.

Why Did You Create The Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Course?

Our YouTube Channel, Cryptocurrency Market®, was originally created to journal our thoughts, experiences, failures and successes through our own crypto investing journey, and to share it with others who would benefit from knowing that they were not alone.

We were flooded with emails, coments and requests to share our knowledge.

We never expected random strangers from around the world to contact us after watching our videos, asking us to invest their money for them.  We respectfully and repeatedly declined their requests since we are NOT licensed financial advisors.  We then began getting requests to teach viewers “privately” about cryptocurrency investing, but we did not take it seriously because we genuinely thought it was some side effect of having a channel, and that some people were joking with us.

However, after talking to several viewers who were seeking coaching & mentoring, we started to recognize that these requests to teach them our crypto investing “system” and “methodologies” were a real and legitimate cry for help for education that people needed.  Our journey was positively impacting more people than we imagined!  We did not realize that there were thousands of beginner and advanced investors who were struggling to figure out crypto investing like we did.

This made it quite personal because we knew how difficult it was to figure out alone.  We decided right then and there to take action and put all of our battle tested Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing strategies into an easy-to-follow course framework to guide students to “copy” our knowledge from the ground up.  The resulting Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™ was created in hopes that others might gain from our successes, and not have to suffer through the losses which we learned how to prevent through trial and error.

The development of the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ Course quickly followed as a complementary post-class tool, and a powerful stand-alone program.  Without having to physically attend the course in person, the blueprint now allows serious crypto traders & investors to learn and benefit from what Leon Fu Dot Com™ and Tai Zen taught at the bootcamp.

Therefore, don’t be frustrated if you are struggling with crypto investing, because you are NOT alone!  It’s NOT just you!  Our advice is to get properly educated so you can take advantage of the potential Life Changing Profits™ that exist while the window is open.  Trading and investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is still a massive, fast growing and young market.  Meaning that, in a few years, it will become more mainstream, regulated and efficient, reducing the opportunities that come along with such an emerging space.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp Course - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot com on stage

Learn the strategies, skills, and how to use them to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

How does cryptocurrency work and how does it compare to traditional investing?

Mindset and Approach

Eliminate the mental barriers to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing success.

Technical Analysis

How to read charts and use them to generate consistent trading signals.

Portfolio Diagnostics

Troubleshoot and diagnose your cryptocurrency investing system to see why it’s not making you more money.

Storage and Security

Best practices and the proper hardware to give you confidence and peace of mind that your cryptocurrency is stored safely.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The pros and cons of different types of cryptocurrency exchanges and how to choose which to use.

Cryptocurrency Order Types

How to use orders in the cryptocurrency market and the key differences from order types in traditional trading.

Cryptocurrency Bet Size

Know how much to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrences without fear or regret.

Finding Opportunities

A systematic approach to finding the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Investing Strategies

Battle tested Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing strategies that work and which strategies to stay away from.

Entry Strategies

Answer the question “When is the best time to get in?” with precision and confidence.

Exit Strategies

Properly exit a trade without the dreaded Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).

Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing Courses

Whether you’re brand new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing, a private portfolio manager, a professional athlete, an engineer, or anyone in between, Cryptocurrency Market® has the right strategies, skills, and training for you!

What is Bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing Course Cover

What is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, & Cryptocurrency Investing?

Level One: Beginner

Understand how cryptocurrencies work, how they compare to traditional investing, and learn the 6 Key Ingredients to success in cryptocurrency investing, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency Security and Storage Course Cover

TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency
Storage & Security

Level Two: Skill Development

How to safely protect up to a 7, 8, or 9 figure portfolio using multiple layers of computer and physical security methods to prevent nasty computer hackers, thieves, burglars, dishonest family, etc. from stealing your precious blockchain assets.


Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis Course Cover

TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency
Technical Analysis

Level Two: Skill Development

Learn the real world technical analysis that the TaiFu™ team uses to successfully grow and manage up to a 7, 8, or 9 figure cryptocurrency portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint Complete Bundle Course Cover

Investing Blueprint® Complete Bundle

Level Three: Mastery

The all-inclusive, systematic, step-by-step approach to creating Life Changing Profits™ in Bitcoins, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. Includes the What is Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Cryptocurrency Investing?, the TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency Storage & Security and the TaiFu™ Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis programs.

What Makes Our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investing Courses Different?

Before you decide if the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ is for you or not… I want to tell you why this program is vastly different from everything else that’s ever been created on the topic of cryptocurrency investing.

Reason #1 – This is the FIRST TIME EVER that a training program was designed specifically to help investors create Life Changing Profits™ and not just some EXTRA money because “extra” money doesn’t change anyone’s life.

Reason #2 – This blueprint is co-created by the founders of the 1st & oldest cryptocurrency investing channel on YouTube (that we know of) that specialize in creating Life Changing Profits™ from cryptocurrency investing.

Reason #3 – There will be no “theorists” or “paper traders” crap taught in the blueprint!  We have clearly documented all our crypto calls and picks BEFORE they happen on our YouTube channel for all to see, unlike many crypto investors who claim success “after the fact”.

Reason #4 – This will be a condensed, high-impact, “Best Of The Best”, ground breaking, most comprehensive, step by step, crypto investing training of it’s kind and you will have a complete A to Z method to systematically and effortlessly find potentially profitable cryptocurrencies, identify high probability entries, calculate the correct “bet size”, know when to get out if the investment goes against you, and know how to take profits when you are profitable so you are not scrambling around like a chicken with it’s head cut off asking when do you take profits when price moves in your favor.

Reason #5 – We do not believe you should be in front of the computer all day making short term, in and out trades because that is no different than having a “day job” working at home instead of at the office.  After completing the blueprint, you will learn how to PUT your money to WORK for you in the crypto market .

Reason #6 – It’s the first time that a program has ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help beginning & experienced crypto investors understand the true “inner” workings of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp - Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com 25

There are plenty of bullshit investing tricks, gimmicks, “magic” software, paper trading techniques, investment advisors, newsletters, etc. that “appear” to work and if they did, you wouldn’t be reading this far about getting our blueprint right now.

If you want to be a consistently profitable crypto investor… then you’re going to have to become an educated crypto investor and learn some REAL crypto investing SKILLS!  We believe the “more you learn, the more you earn” and I seriously doubt you will find anything else on the market that remotely comes CLOSE to the same level of high caliber training as our blueprint!

Is There A Guarantee With Our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investing Course?

YES, there is a guarantee, if you do not like what you learned in the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ and feel that Leon Fu Dot Com™ and I did not deliver on what is promised on this website, you can simply make a request to us within 30 days and ask for a full 100% REFUND, and we will cancel your student access to our instructional courses and refund you back 100% of your purchase in US dollars. REFUNDS will NOT be issued in crypto for the blueprint!

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