5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Guaranteed To Succeed

This is Tai Zen from prisonorfreedom.com. It’s a blog where we talked about the different tools, techniques, strategies and technology that’s available to help people find more freedom in their health, their wealth and relationship.

In this video, I’m broadcasting from the greatest airport in America, which is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in the greatest city in America, which is Dallas, Texas and we have my Starbucks with me. While I’m waiting for my flight here, I just want to share with you guys the top 5 reasons why I believe that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed and revolutionize and change the financial industry and the financial sector.

I’ve been gathering this evidence for the last few weeks now, maybe not weeks but over the time that…I think that these are key pieces of evidence to demonstrate that the Bitcoin technology that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto will succeed. It’s guaranteed to succeed regardless of what anyone tries to do, regardless of what government corporations and big banks trying to do. Here’s my first piece of evidence to show you guys why I believe that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed.

In my hand right here. I have some money order. The smaller money order is for the amount of 100 US dollar and the larger money order is in the amount of $999. You guys can see it here with light and everything.

What happened was many of you guys know that I have an older brother that was in the prison. He’s got a life sentence in prison. And what happened is I bought these money orders to send to him to help him out, to buy extra food, just basic necessities to help him survive while he’s in prison. And what happened was I misplaced this money order. I went to the store and I bought it with some cash and I converted the cash to these Moneygram money orders.

And I bought several of them and as my brother needed them, I would go ahead and send it to him because the federal prisons in America only accept money orders and nothing else, so they have some kind of monopoly, some kind of racket with the money order companies and they get kickbacks from that. Because of that they only accept money orders either from the United States Post Office or from MoneyGram.

So what I did was I found out as I was moving around, I forgot that I had them. So one day I was moving into my new house, I found these money orders and I found out that they were still good and so what happened was I tried to go back to the same Walmart Superstore that I originally bought these money orders with and tried to convert them back into cash.

Obviously, I knew that it cost me $0.60 to convert my cash into the money order and I was expecting to possibly pay $0.60 or a dollar or maybe a few bucks to convert it back to cash. What happened was I found out that the same place that I bought that I originally bought these money orders from, they do not accept them. Can you believe that?

The Walmart stores that I bought these from will not accept them back. Their reason was that these money orders were more than one years old. Because of that, they refuse to accept them, even though they were the ones who originally issued the money orders to me. They said that there is fine print on the back that states that “If I don’t use these money orders within one year, they are no longer valid“.

So I looked at the back of the money order and here’s the front, where it tells you the amount right here. Now, look how big the fonts are now I went to look at the back here. The one right here, where my ring finger is at that’s the fine print, the fine font that… I don’t know, I would have to guess that it’s about a 4. font or 5. font. And it states that “If this money order is not used or cashed within one year of the purchase date there will be a non-refundable service charge that says we’re not prohibited by law”.

So and it’s 3 years in California. I don’t know why it’s 3 years in California, but 1 year everywhere else in the United States. It’s anyway because Walmart would not redeem these money orders that they originally sold me. I decided to contact MoneyGram, their headquarters themselves to cash out these MoneyGram money orders.

And I found out that their International Headquarters was located right down the street from my house in Dallas, Texas and I called them up and guess what they said. They said that they will not accept these, even though they were the ones who are responsible and they’re the ones who back these money orders and print these money orders and everything. So the name of their company and everything and their reputations on the money orders and they absolutely refuse to redeem these money orders back into cash for me.

I asked if I could go down to their office and cash it out and bring them the original money orders and they said absolutely not, I could not bring it into their office to cash it, even though their International headquarters was just a few kilometres, a few miles down the street from me. And they instructed me to send this off to some random state somewhere in the United States and they will redeem it for me.

They said that be aware they even warned me at least they were nice enough even though they were ripping me off, they were nice enough to warn me ahead of time to be expecting some service charges and some service fees for these money orders. When I found out how much they were, I wanted to grab them and just choke them.

Here is the receipt that I got. I sent in the old money orders and they cash them out and convert the cash for me. And what they did was they just sent me a new money order that was valid. This is the one here for $100 and I’m just going to fold it here so you guys can see it. If you’ll see right there, that’s the $100 amount and notice over here they charged me a $15 processing fee and then they charged me an additional $18 for a service fee.

So to redeem this $100 money order back into cash they charged me an additional $33 to convert this back the cash. Now, I don’t know why that this is even legal in the United States, the Secret Service should look into this. They’re the ones responsible for the things and the FBI and they do every day.

In Texas, where I’m from, we have a lot of Mexican immigrants. A lot of Mexican people that send money back to their families in Mexico and these are the types of fees and these are the types of highway robberies that they are exposed to here in the state of Texas. Now, that’s just for the $100 one.

This is the one that they redeem me for the $999. They carry the same $15 processing fee right there and they charged an additional $21 in processing fee. Now keep in mind, the $15 and the $21 for this one amounts to about 33 bucks. This is $33 off of $999 money order to convert this for them to print me a new money order.

Now, keep in mind that the original money orders that I have here, still contain the serial numbers for the money orders. Meaning that they should be able to look it up in their system, in their ledger and be able to identify that these money orders have not been cashed. I can verify that I still have them and they should be able to easily verify in their ledger that these have not been spent. So they should be very easy to redeem.

If I was a company and I was a business and somebody told me that they had not redeemed these, I would check in my accounting ledger to verify that and then pay them back. I would not rip them off by charging them $33 to redeem a $100 money order or charge $33 to redeem a $999 money order.

So that’s my first piece of evidence to share with you guys to show that there’s absolutely no reason why Bitcoin cannot succeed because these highway robberies and fess and these BS transactions that the institutions are doing to the people, this is not going to carry on forever and MoneyGram, I hope that they go out of business. I hope Bitcoin don’t put them out of business for all these stupid fees that they’re charging. So that’s my first piece of evidence.

Now I want to show you guys the second piece of evidence that I have to prove why I believe that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed. So I have the USA paper today. And it’s for October 21st, 2014 in case that you’re watching this in the future and the headline reads that 500 million records stolen in 12 months.

These personal identity credit cards and things like that and I just going to read a few random sentences out of this USA Today newspaper. It states here that the US financial sector is when the most targeted in the world, the FBI and the Secret Service officials said at the cybersecurity event organized by the financial services Roundtable, “The event came in the wake of mass hacking attacks against Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions.”

In case you listen to this outside the United States, Target is a huge retail clothing store. And Home Depot is a huge retail home maintenance supplies stores, that’s where you get all your supplies to build home to stop and maintain your home and plumbing and stuff at Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase is one of the biggest banks in America and around the world. These are very very big and large institutions are very noticeable. They’re very well known.

It states here that Federal officials have warned companies Monday that hackers have stolen more than 500 million financial records over the past 12 months, essentially breaking into banks without ever entering a building.

Those days of Jesse James and those guys walking into the bank and robbing them, those days are over, nowadays people robbing banks from inside their basement and to further verify that there’s a quote here “We’re in a day when a person can commit about 15,000 bank robberies sitting in their basement,” said Robert Anderson, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Cyber Response and Services Branch.

So this is coming directly from one of the bigwigs at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. They’re claiming that people are sitting at home, these hackers are sitting at home in their basement robbing 15000 banks. I mean, here are some more statistics here. It is for those that like statistics here.

It says that “Nearly 439 million records were stolen in the past six months”, said Supervisory Special Agent Jason Truppi of the FBI. “Nearly 519 million records were stolen in the past 12 months,” he said,

About 35% of the thefts were from website breaches, 22% were from cyberespionage, 14% occurred at the point of sale when someone bought something at a retail store, and 9% came when someone swiped a credit or debit card,” the FBI said.

And it states here also that “About 110 million Americans which is equivalent to about 50% of U.S. adults in America have had their personal data exposed in some form in the past year “

I’m not going to continue reading the rest of this article. What I want you to understand is that the reason why these 500 million records were able to be stolen in 12 months is because the way that our credit card system and our financial system is set up is it was set up for in-person transactions, they were never ever developed to be used across the internet and that’s why it will never work, no matter what they do and no matter how much they secure the credit card, it will never work across the internet.

There will always be somebody breaking into databases to steal these record and sell them offline for a buck apiece or $0.50 apiece and to you and I that may not seem a lot but there is a bunch of hackers in third-world countries that for them it’s worth their time to sit there and hack into a bank or into a large retail institution to steal all their credit card.

That’s my second piece of evidence to share with you guys to demonstrate why I believe that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed. Because there’s no way in the world that you going to go in and steal 500 million Bitcoin user accounts or record.

The reason why is because the entire network is constantly monitoring it and the people that are processing all the Bitcoin transactions that are volunteering to do so, they’re keeping a careful eye on the Bitcoin network. So I would be very very comfortable in saying that that’s almost impossible to do within the Bitcoin financial system and network

Good luck with all these hackers trying to do that. They’ve been trying for the last 5 years to hack into the Bitcoin network and they have all failed. Let me say that again. They have all failed. The reason why is because these people that are processing the Bitcoin transactions, it’s in their benefit and it’s to their advantage and they profit financially from making sure that the system does not get hacked.

All these media stories and all these b.s stories that you hear in the media about people getting their Bitcoin hacked and stuff. It’s only because they disconnected their personal accounts from the entire Bitcoin network. If they kept it connected to the network. They would be secured. Just keep that in mind. That’s the second piece of evidence.

Now along the same lines. I’m going to present the third piece of evidence of why I believe Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed. This is my credit card here from Chase Bank. I’ve had this credit card for many years now, I think 3 or 4 years and then every couple of years they send me a new one.

On this credit card, not only does it contain my legal name and information but also contains the key, the information on the front which allows anyone to recognize that it’s my personal account and it on the back of this card. It also contains the private information only I should know and as long as you have the information from the front of the card, the numbers and the public information on the front and the private information on the back of the card then you can use my credit card to make payments and pay for stuff and steal money from me.

If you guys are watching this, there’s no point in trying to zoom in on this video and get all these numbers because this card is no longer valid. The reason why I’m sharing that card is no longer valid is because, if you guys remember from this newspaper article where they said that “mass hacking attacks against Target, Home Depot”, well because of that massive attack against Home Depot where 45 million records were stolen from them, I mean from Target and from Home Depot.

Because of that my bank at Chase Bank here, sent me a notice saying that my credit card is no longer valid because of those stolen records. Can you imagine how many customers that Chase Bank has? Can you imagine that how much it would cost to send out this letter and a new credit card to all their customers who got hacked?

Now keep in mind that Chase Bank has nothing to do with Target or Home Depot. And their system got hacked and now Chase Bank has to pay for that security breach. Imagine that somebody else did not secure their computers, alarm bells went off at the security centres that were being that were monitoring Home Depot and they ignored it, they completely ignored the alarm bells that went off.

It’s not like no one knew that they were being hacked, they were being hacked and they were watching as the hackers transferred the stolen identities and stolen credit card information from Home Depot and transfer to an outside database from Home Depot and the alarms went off, the red flags went off and everyone just ignored it.

I think it was either for Home Depot or for Target, one of them and their CEO even ignored it. I cannot remember which one it was but it was one of them. And their security people were sitting near watching it as it as the stolen identities were being transferred out of the company out of their database and none of them did anything about it. That right there because of this card here no longer valid, that’s why I’m able to show you on the video.

They had to send me a new card with my name and new information there. And then there’s someone gets hacked again, they’ll probably send me another new card again and just imagine how much money they have to waste and how much time but they have to waste in order to do that. That’s my third piece of evidence here. The letter from Chase Bank and this invalid credit card here. Because it’s been hacked and stolen.

This leads us to the fourth piece of evidence that I have, that I believe is the fourth piece of evidence to show why Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed in the same newspaper from the same day, from the same October 21st, 2014 newspaper. Inside the financial section, the money section right here. Apple announced that they just released their Apple Pay and this is a mobile payment system.

And remember that I had mentioned earlier that credit cards were only designed to be used in person. They were not designed to be used over the Internet or across long distances. They were only to be used in a face-to-face situation. Because of all these hacks and all these scams that are going on with credit cards every day.

Remember institutions are getting their credit cards stolen and people are getting their credit card stolen from guys in their basement in third-world countries if they even have basements in the third-world countries, maybe they don’t have basements but this article talks about how Apple pay supposed to work and it supposed to work fluently.

Now there’s a battle among different retailers whether they want to use Apple Pay or not. And basically what it is is it allows you to use your iPhone, if you have an iPhone 6 or new iPhone that allows you to use your phone to be your credit card in your wallet that fingerprint scanner on them identifies who you are and then you can make payments when you go into the store and buy stuff.

Now they have to force it down everyone throat to use it. This right here is not necessary because Bitcoin does this already and does it for free. If you are a retailer or business and you want to accept mobile payments, it’s free.

There’s nothing to pay to signup, you can go connect to the Bitcoin network, download the software. Boom. You instantly have a payment system. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees. You want to pay nothing. And the fees to process all the Bitcoin transactions are so small and so minimal, it’s not even worth wasting time for me to talk about it. That’s my fourth piece of evidence.

Now, I’m going to present to you guys the last piece of evidence that I have that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed. This is the latest and supposedly the latest and greatest iPhone. I just got it a couple of days ago. This is the iPhone 6.  In my opinion, as far as the phone goes, this is a piece of garbage. This is about almost as good as a Samsung S3. You guys are watching this and you’re trying to determine whether or not this phone is worth getting all, a piece of garbage.

I’m recording this video actually with a Samsung S5. And this I have to have it for work so that’s why I got it. You know, this is the worst phone ever but that’s not the reason why I’m bringing it up. I’m bringing this up because it was the first time that ever uses any kind of Apple products, I have never used iPods, iPads, Mac computers or nothing. This is the first Apple product I’ve ever used in my life, in 2014 too by the way.

I was completely shocked when I activate this phone in order for me to download an app. It was mandatory that I had to put in some type of credit card information. I had to give my personal credit card information here to Apple in order for me to use that phone.

Now, if you guys think about this, what does my credit card have anything to do with the phone. This monopoly that Apple’s putting on their phones and their products and services. That is the 5th reason why I say that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed because Bitcoin does not require you to divulge or give up any personal information about yourself when you use it.

It does not, Bitcoin does not care if you’re black, if you’re white, if you’re Indian, if you’re Mexican, if you’re making a $0.02 payment or $2,000,000 payment, it does not matter.

It treats everyone equally, there’s no favouritism there’s nothing. This right here is the last and fifth piece of evidence I’m going to show because of the way that it is being forced down everyone’s throat, you have to input a credit card information in order to get to access to the App Store. When you force things on people, it’s never a good thing. Let the free market dictate what the consumers want.

My flight is almost here so that all the time that I have. I just wanted to just take that moment to share with you those five reasons why I believe that Bitcoin is guaranteed to succeed in the coming future. Don’t let the recent falls in price deter you. Look at the technology and what it’s allowing people to do across the world.

Thanks for watching this video. And if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment section below and I’ll look forward to seeing you guys in a future video.


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