(2 of 2) What Is The Difference Between Living In Texas vs. Florida?

This is Tai Zen again with PrisonOrFreedom.com. It’s a blog where we talked about the tools, techniques, and strategies that allow people to find freedom in their lives. In this second part about the differences between living in Texas versus Florida.

I want to go over the type of people that live in each state so that you guys can be aware ahead of time. So what are the obvious things that you’ll notice when you go to Florida, is that the majority of the people there do not grow up in Florida?

The majority of the people that live in Florida come from outside the state, usually, from the north where they’re tired of the snow, freezing temperatures and they want to go down to Florida to retire in a warm place. There’s a lot of non-locals out of state people that live in Florida.

When you meet people down there, it’s not like a hardcore grew or tradition that they have like people in Texas, they’re really hardcore on being proud coming from growing up in Texas.

And likewise the people that grew up in Southern California, they’re really proud of their heritage and their roots are in Southern California, but in Florida, you don’t see that because the majority of people don’t come from…

They come from Montana, South Dakota, Boston, New York, and Maine, and just places that are really cold. So that also leads us to the next point is that most of the people in Florida are retired people so they’re older.

The average age of the people that you see in Florida is usually old retired people. It’s not like in Texas or like in Dallas or Houston or Austin, especially if you go to Austin, it’s a city full of young college people.

Because the average age of the people in Florida is much older, their pace of life is a lot slower, so they’re chilling out, relaxing and stuff, they’re not in a rat race.

So if you live like in Houston or in Dallas or in Los Angeles or something, especially Los Angeles- it’s a huge rat race out there. Everybody’s trying to get ahead and to make money, everybody’s hustling. But in Florida, you don’t get that feeling, it’s a lot older community and everything just seems to be older. So if you like a slower pace of life, you might want to consider Florida.

Now out of all the three places, I would say that Southern California has a faster pace of life. And then Texas would be second and then third would be Florida.

Now here’s something that I noticed and this might be biased here. Because being a trainer, a personal trainer and everything, and an athletic trainer, this is going to be slightly biased. But I noticed that between Southern California, Texas and Florida, I would say that there are more people that are in shape in California, in Texas versus the people in Florida.

If you go to Florida, when you go to the beaches and stuff, there’s just a lot of people that are out of shape. Whereas, when you go to the beaches in Southern California, almost everyone in there is in shape. And then in Texas is kind of like in between. Unless you’re in a place like Austin where it’s a real health-conscious city, then there’s a lot of people that can change.

And when I say in shape, I don’t mean, like people walk around with six packs or anything like that and all muscled up. I’m just talking about like obese and overweight versus non-obese and overweight people. If you go to the beaches in Florida, you’ll notice that a lot of people that’s overweight. And like I said, being a trainer, that might be a biased opinion. So just keep that in mind.

Now, this is not a biased opinion here. In Texas, Florida and Southern California, there is a big mixed ethnicity. So in Texas, we have a lot of Latinos and a lot of Asian and a lot of Caucasians, Blacks, it’s just mixed. You won’t even notice the difference, especially if you’re in the big cities.

In California, that’s the same way. In Florida, it’s just also a mixed ethnicity, but it’s just more another ethnicity. If you go near the beachfront property, it’s more likely than in Florida. Whereas in Texas, in California, it appears to be mixed. You might have to check the census bureau for more accurate information then.

The next thing that I want to talk about is the jobs and the business opportunities, job opportunities between Texas and Florida. As I mentioned in the first video, Dallas has the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the world right here. The politicians and the people in Texas, it’s a Republican state, so they really support the people that want to make money, whether you’re an employee or you’re a business.

They have a lot of incentives here in Texas to bring people into the state as far as employees and business go. This is the summer of 2015 right now and they’re in the process of bringing in the Toyota manufacturing plant and the State Farm Insurance and it’s a couple of exits down from my house in North Dallas.

And if you go to Austin or Houston and there are lots and lots of businesses there, if you come to Texas and you can’t find a job, you know, it’s probably because you’re not serious about it. There’s a lot of businesses here.

The biggest company in the world, Exxon Mobil, their international headquarters is right here in Dallas. There’s really no reason not to be able to find work here. And on top of that, they offer lots of business tax incentives for companies to come here so there’s a lot that comes into Dallas and Texas in general.

And then as far as personal income goes, Texas and Florida do not have a personal income tax. They only have the federal, so that’s good. It’s not like Florida where they want to tax you for everything. So they have a state income tax out there.

The other thing too is the salaries in Texas and Florida when you do look at the same job in the same position and stuff, salaries are very similar. They’re not that significantly different. They are significantly different if you compare it to Southern California.

In 2015, if you spent over $200,000, especially if you spend $250,000 or more for a home in Dallas or Houston or Austin, Texas, San Antonio, you get a lot of home like you to get a really, really huge house. We’re talking 2,3-2,500 square-foot and up.

Whereas if you spend like $250,000 in Florida, the home will not be as big and they will not be as new. Whereas if you spend $250,000 in Texas, any other major cities. You can expect that they’re very modern homes. I would say that’s no more than 20 years old, like 10 or 15 years old at most. Depending on what neighbourhood you live in. As far as food and gas and everything like that, the cost is the same. I did not notice any big difference.

The next thing that I want to talk about that’s very obvious between Florida and Texas is infrastructure of both states. Because Texas has a lot of business, has a lot of oil money and natural gas money and things like that and it has the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the world.

They collect a lot of taxes; the homes here are a lot newer. So, there’s more money in here for the government and the state. So because of that, the infrastructure such as the streets and the highways in Texas are night and day superior to that in Florida.

For example, if you wanted to go from one side of St. Petersburg to the other side, I think it’s like 15, 20 miles wide. It’s not very wide, but that takes almost 45 minutes, just to get across the town. They have plenty of streets don’t get me wrong and the streets are like 3, 4-lane wide so that’s not the problem.

The problem is that there are no interstate highways and there are no major highways where you can get on the highway and go at 70, 80 miles an hour. So in Texas or in Dallas or San Antonio or any of the major cities to get from one end of the city to the other side of the city, there are highways and you can jump on and be across Dallas or Houston in a very short period of time, going at 60, 70, 80 miles an hour when the traffic is not busy.

Whereas in Florida, no matter where you go, the infrastructure is not there to transport people and commercial goods across the very quickly. So if you don’t like to sit in traffic for like 40 minutes just to drive 15, 20 miles, then you’re probably not going to like Orlando or Tampa, St. Pete, stuff like that.

In Texas, they build massive highways. I’m talking about the highways that are stacked 4,5 layers high. So that when you are going on intersection from one direction and you need to make a 90-degree turn, you need still go to 60 miles an hour to make that turn.

Whereas in Florida they don’t have that type of infrastructure and highway available so it takes forever to get from one place to the other place. So you’re going to lose a lot of time sitting in traffic, in the commute. That’s the infrastructure.

Now the other thing that you want to be fully aware of is the airports. Like I said before, hands down the best airport in America in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. You can get into the airport and once you’re through the security gates and you can take the sky link – their train and get to any of the 5 or 6 terminals that they have here.

Right now, they have 5 terminals and they have the ability to build out 6 terminals and expand if it’s necessary. You also have the train that they connect from the airport that goes straight to downtown Dallas so that you can if you live in downtown Dallas, you can hop on a train get to the airport and get off.

The infrastructure here in Dallas is 100 times better than anything that Florida has to offer. And here’s one of the things in Dallas because of all the Fortune 500 companies out here in Dallas and all other businesses here, the airport is suited for travel.

You have a one-way trip to go 3 hours or so to the West Coast 3 and a half hour to the East Coast, anywhere in America. A lot of companies that have travelling people, employees, Dallas would be the ideal place or Houston would be the ideal place because they have direct flights to almost every city in America.

The other thing too is that if you look over here, this is where the homeland security is right there. You can see, there’s not a long line of 100 people like they do in Florida, especially like around Orlando. Florida Airports are more designed for tourists and people going on vacation and kids and family.

So when you go through the airports, especially like in Orlando or Tampa, St. Pete, everybody that goes to the airport has like two and a half kids with them and it really holds up a line when you go through the airports. Most of these kids and most of these families, they’re not used to going through airports. Sometimes it’s their first time or second time because they’re on vacation.

Whereas in like Dallas or Houston or Austin, the airports are designed to accommodate business people and so there’s a lot of business that comes through here, so the airport infrastructure is designed so that when you come in and out, you can get in and out very, very quickly through the airport security into your terminals, into your dates.

Another thing that you’ll notice, that if you look on this side, right here. If you’ll notice there’s like, I don’t know if you can see through the sunlight. Those are all departure monitors. That’s not even the arrival, there’s like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10 monitors to indicate all the departing flights from DFW and each monitor has like 25 flights on them.

So you do the math, is like 250 flight that’s going to leave out of here in the next one to two hours. So that just shows you the capacity of this airport to handle. So be aware of that if you travel a lot for work, you may want to live in like the hub airports cities like Dallas, Fort Worth or in Houston.

Austin and San Antonio are not hub airports so a lot of times if you leave San Antonio or Austin you still have to go through Dallas-Fort Worth to get to your destination. So if you go to like Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, as long as you arrive an hour before your flight, you can get to your flight with no problem whatsoever.

If you’re in Orlando or Tampa, you might want to get there like 2 hours before your flight just so you get past the 100 kids that are waiting in line to get back home from their vacation. So that’s the infrastructure.

So the last thing that I wanted to cover about the difference between living in Florida versus living in Texas, and this is just miscellaneous stuff that a lot of people don’t talk about and something that we discovered when we were travelling through and doing recon in Florida. It’s a big issue for me and my wife, one is that it’s the insect problem.

In Texas, there’s a huge mosquito problem. It doesn’t matter what city you live in like pretty much when the sun goes down. You really cannot sit outside in Texas with your kids. Like if you have kids, you really don’t want to sit outside in the dark because it’s going to be bitten by mosquitoes.

That’s the only thing, it’s not a whole lot, but it’s enough to be annoying. If you’re an adult, then it’s not really a big deal. You have kids, you don’t want them to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Now in Florida, that’s also the same thing, except they have a bigger mosquito problem because of all the swamp and all the water that they have over there. It’s just water everywhere, they’re like pockets, little pools of water almost everywhere in Florida that you go.

Because of that, they breed a lot more insect and it’s hot, there’s sunlight the entire year so it’s very good for insects to breathe over there and out of all the states in America, Florida has like 70 species of mosquitoes.

Now when I was down there around the Tampa, St. Pete area, and especially on the Clearwater area. When you’re near the ocean, you don’t notice mosquitoes and the bugs issues. Now if you drive at night, in Florida, your car will be plastered and painted with insects no matter where you go, you drive down the interstate at night in Florida.

You’re going to have to use windshield wipers and stuff because there are so many bugs down there so just be aware of that. If you’re driving fancy cars and stuff and you don’t like bugs and insects smashed on your car, you probably don’t want to live in Florida and drive a fancy car because you will have the insect stuff everywhere.

In Texas, you don’t have that big of a problem. It’s only in small pockets and it’s hardly noticeable it’s not even worth mentioning. So that’s just a miscellaneous thing you’ve got to be aware of when you’re comparing Texas to Florida.

The other thing that’s very noticeable is the innovation that’s in Texas versus Florida. Florida has a majority retired group of the population. Most of them are old and most of them are retired and they just really don’t give a shit about anything.

They just want to retire. They’re not looking to innovate; they’re not looking to be a trendsetter. They’re not looking at anything new other than retire. So as far as innovation trendsetting goals as far as for business or fashion or anything like that, Florida is not going to be the place, it’s Texas.

Now when it comes to speaking of fashion, in my opinion, I have an art background, so I used to work in the club district of Austin, Texas quite a bit so I see a lot of fashion. Florida pretty much the fashion, in my opinion, is kind of non-existent simply because the people there are old, they’re retired, they really don’t care about new fashion trends and things like that.

If you like fashion and stuffs like that then Texas would be a better place. And out of all the cities in Texas, I would say that Dallas is more fashion conscious, whereas like Austin is the complete opposite, it’s a hippy town. If you don’t care about fashion, Austin would be a better place.

Schools are the last thing that I want to mention. The schools in Texas, in my opinion, have more money when you see the schools in Texas, the lawns are mowed, the sports tracks are new. It’s better condition.

When I was travelling around Florida, when I looked at the high schools and elementary schools, middle schools, there are schools that are very old. The building is old. The fence is old. The grass is not well kept, the landscape, things are just not new.

That’s a good indication that they don’t have a lot of money that they collect from taxes and stuff to run those schools and make it look modern and keep it up.

In Texas, especially in Austin, northern areas of Houston and north areas of Dallas, a lot of parts in Fort Worth, the schools are very well capitalized. They collect good sums of tax money from the citizens and from the residents there. The majority of the taxes, the property taxes that you pay in Texas, the majority of it goes to the school districts.

So for example, I live in North Dallas, average property tax is around 3% and I would say that about 60 per cent or more of that goes to the school districts. So the schools in Texas have a lot more money to work with versus the school in Florida and it’s very obvious.

I hope that the series of videos that will help you guys determine if you want to live in Florida or Texas. And if you’re living in Texas and this video will help you can know what’s up front before you moved down to Florida and vice versa.

One thing that I forgot to mention when I was talking about the home in the landscape in Texas versus Florida, there is something in Texas that I did not notice until I started travelling quite a bit. There are more brick homes in Texas than anywhere else that I see in the country in America. I pretty much travel to and work in every major city in America multiple times.

And that’s something that I did not notice before until I started travelling a lot is that the homes in Texas, there’s more brick homes and it’s not just a brick home, most of the other homes in other areas are more like stucco, like in Florida and California. But there was something about the bricks in Texas that it’s kind of hard to describe, but they actually looked better than the bricks anywhere else that I’ve seen around the country.

States that have worst looking bricks, believe or not, are in the Northeast around the New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey area. Their bricks look like it’s made out of the mud. They don’t look like real house bricks. You will have to come to Texas to see what I’m talking about, but I don’t know what the brick is made out of in Texas, but they have like the texture and a marble look that looks a lot more appealing to the eyes than anywhere else in the country that I noticed.

And I don’t know if they import it from other places or they make it locally here in the state of Texas, but by far the bricks so that they used to build homes and business and buildings within Texas are significantly more appealing to the eye than the ones in California or in Florida.

The bricks that they use in Florida also really, I don’t know, just looked really nasty, plain-looking, they looked like the mud or something that they don’t look appealing to the eye. I would not want my house made out of those types of bricks. I would rather have a stucco house.

So anyway, thanks for watching these series of videos guys that hopefully, it will help you decide whether or not you want to move to Florida or Texas. And if you liked this video, hit the subscribe button. You don’t like it, don’t subscribe. And let me know if you guys want me to make more videos like this about other cities that I go to and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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