(1 of 2) What Is The Difference Between Living In Texas vs. Florida?

This is Tai Zen from PrisonOrFreedom.com. It’s a blog where we talked about the tools techniques and the strategies that allow people to find freedom in their lives. And in this video, I want to share with you guys something that my wife and I recently discovered.

So many you guys know that I’ve been living in Texas for most of my life. And when I was young, I grew up around the Houston area. It was near the ocean and I really like living near the ocean and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started working in Southern California around the San Diego, Los Angeles area and it made me realize that I really need to move back to the ocean area.

I was debating whether or not to live in Southern California or move to Southern California or to Florida. And so I asked a lot of my friends that live in Florida and a lot of my co-workers and a lot of people at work that I know and business associates that live in Florida.

But none of them could really give me an accurate answer as to why Southern California was more expensive versus Florida when Florida has more beautiful beaches, the water is warmer, the beaches are a lot whiter, a lot cleaner, the water’s clear. So what is it that makes Florida less expensive than Southern California.

A lot of people said that it’s the weather and the humidity and everything, but I seriously doubt that one factor like that could make such a big difference in the cost of living in Florida versus Southern California.

Before we decided to move down to Florida, my wife and I decided to go down there and take a week vacation down there around the Orlando, Tampa and St. Petersburg area, otherwise known also known as St. Pete and the Clearwater area. And so after spending a week in Florida, my wife and I decided that we did not want to move to Florida.

It was not the same as Southern California and I want to share with you guys some of the things that we discovered that none of our friends and business associates was able to let us know that was the difference between living in Florida versus living in Southern California.

There’re several topics that I will cover as I talk about living in Florida versus living in Texas. For anybody that wants to move to Texas or to Florida. Just keep these things in mind. If you guys are wondering, I’m broadcasting from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

It is the biggest and the best airport in America hands down, no airport that I have seen in America comes even close to Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Let’s go ahead and get started here while the announcers off.

The first thing I want to cover is the land and the environment and the terrain of Texas versus Florida. The first thing that you’ll notice is that in Florida, there are lots of palm trees, but other than the palm tree when it comes to the vegetation right there really is not that much different as far as the landscape goes. The palm trees are the only thing that makes the difference between Texas vegetation and landscape versus the Florida landscape.

Otherwise, the rest of the plants and the vegetation of the landscape in Florida is almost identical to Texas. Matter fact I live in Dallas and Austin, Houston, and I’ve been down San Antonio quite a bit throughout my life.

I’m very familiar with them and I’ve also lived in Big Spring where the desert’s at West Texas and I’ve also lived out in east Texas near the border to Louisiana.

So I can tell you guys that the landscape as far as the vegetation and the plants go in Florida and Texas, they are almost identical. The only thing that you notice is different is the palm tree.

Next,  I also forgot to mention I got my cheat sheet here- the grass in Florida, I don’t know anything about the grass, but I do know this, one thing is that the grass down in Florida is much bigger, wider and thicker than the grass in Texas.

In Texas, we have that same thick wide blade grass, but there’s also plenty of places where there’s a lot of thin grass like the one that they use on the golf courses and stuff. And you like that, Texas has a lot of places that have those and a lot of neighbourhoods and yards that have that.

Whereas when I was going to Orlando, St. Pete and the Clearwater, in all those places in Florida and even near the Kennedy Space Center on the East and the West Coast. It’s rare that I saw any thin blade of grass.

I don’t know that means anything to you. But for me personally, I prefer the thin blade grass better in my yard because it looks a lot nicer and if you walk on it and it feels a lot better on your feet.

The next thing I want to cover is the architecture of Florida versus Texas. Okay, as far as the architecture built of the residential homes and the commercial buildings, Texas architecture, in my opinion, is way more superiors.

When I say superior I should not say that it’s better as far as like style goes, it’s just more modern, the commercial buildings in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, they actually are more modern than what it is in Florida.

In Florida, the commercial buildings are very rundown. There are only a few spots where the buildings are actually new and when it comes to residential homes – the homes in Florida are much more expensive along the coastline than the houses that are on the water lakefront and on the oceanfront in Texas and Florida are about comparable.

But there is one thing that is very different, is that in Texas whenever you live in a good residential neighbourhood, you have to drive quite some time outside of your house before you run into like a poor neighbourhood or a ghetto.

Like the area that I live in North Dallas around the Lewisville, Carrollton and Flower Mound area, you would have to drive like about 40 minutes North, East, South, West; in any direction that you want before you run into a really ghetto neighbourhood.

Whereas in Florida almost all the neighbourhoods that if we looked at the oceanfront, the first line of houses that’s on the oceanfront or on the lakefront would be like million-dollar home. But then as soon as you go in one block, the houses become very rundown, they’re very old and they’re very ghetto in my opinion.

I can say that with a high degree of accuracy because I grew up in the ghetto. So I can easily recognize what a ghetto neighbourhood looks like. Unfortunately, the houses in Florida if you go from the oceanfront where the million dollars’ home to right across the street, the houses would drop down to like $700,000.

And then if you go inside a block it drops down to 3 – 400,000 dollars. The value of the home drop significantly and very dramatically, whereas if you go through the North Dallas area around the Flower Mound, Carrollton the Plano area, the homes do not drop in value that significantly

If you live in a neighbourhood where the home is half a million dollars like all the new home that’s built in North Dallas. Most of them are all close to half a million dollars more as of 2014, 2015 and you have to drive to significant distance in order for the home value to drop from $500,000 down to like 100 or $150,000, mostly lower homes in the Southern area of Dallas.

But in the northern half, they’re all a very nice and very good home. That’s something that I notice about the residential neighbourhood in the Florida versus in Texas. In Austin it’s similar and in Houston, it’s also very similar.

The way of the residential homes is set up…Now here’s something that is very obvious to me when I was travelling throughout Florida is that there’s not a lot of commercial businesses. So you don’t see a lot of tall commercial buildings. You don’t see a lot of like 5, 6, 7-story buildings.

Pretty much most of the commercial buildings in Florida that I saw when I was driving to the Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete area, all those buildings are usually like 2 or 3 stories high and there are not very many commercial buildings that are modern.

Just keep that in mind, if you compared to something like Dallas. Dallas has the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the world and their International Headquarter is right here in Dallas. Because of that, you see lots of big new building lots of new commercial construction that you normally don’t see in places like Florida.

I’ll come back to the business aspect of Florida versus Texas in a minute. I just want to continue on with the landscape in the terrain and the environment of Texas versus Florida.

The other thing that you want to be aware of between the landscape of Texas and Florida is the weather, that is something that a lot of people talk about in California and in Texas when they compare themselves to Florida, hands-down the humidity in Southern California, there’s like no humidity at all, I mean they run out of water, they’re under really serious drought problems in 2015.

As I’m making this video in Texas and Florida the humidity, in my opinion, is about the same. Some people say that the humidity in Florida is a lot higher in than Texas. But I would say that if you’re in Dallas or in Austin and San Antonio, the humidity just a little bit less than Florida simply because it’s part of the Gulf of Mexico.

But if you lived like in Houston, the humidity is almost the same as it is in Florida. And if there is any difference between the humidity in Florida versus Texas. To me, it’s not that big and noticeable of a difference.

Now there is a noticeable difference in the temperature and I don’t know how to describe this accurately, but it’s not just the temperature as far as degree of how hot it is in Texas versus Florida.

Like when Texas gets hot on a bright sunny summer day like in July or August, you can actually drive from Texas in your car and you have no tint on your window and when the sunlight comes through the car window and hits your arm as you’re driving, you can feel the heat of the Texas sun and it can be hot but it’s not something that’s painful and not something that’s unbearable.

Whereas when you go to Florida, in Tampa and the Orlando and the around the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA’s at, if your car has no tint on the window to block some of the sun rays, when you have your arm in the direct sunlight, it can actually be painful because of the sun.

I don’t know why it’s doing that, you would think it’s the same, maybe it’s closer to the equator. That’s the reason why NASA launch their space shuttles and rockets from Florida and Texas.

Maybe that’s the reason why it’s so much the heat that the sun rays are a lot hotter. But I do notice this, I pretty recall that I like the hot weather but I was really surprised as I was driving to Florida that the sun was actually… you can feel it cooking your skin.

If you’re going to drive around with no tint on your window, make sure you put some sunblock or something on. The last thing I want to cover the land and the landscape of in the terrain of Florida versus Texas is the water.

In Florida, it’s undisputed that it has the clearest and best water and the cleanest looking water out of places in America. Even the famous beaches in Southern California are nothing compared to how clear the water is in Florida when it comes to clean water.

I would put Florida first and then I would put like the Gulf of Mexico and in Southern California second as far as the clarity of the water. Now as far as the temperature of the water, I would put the temperature of the Florida water significantly higher, you can be in the water from sunrise to sunset and it is not cold whatsoever.

And I don’t like cold water so I’ve been to Southern California dozens of time, but I have never gone into the water past my ankle because no matter what time of the year that I go to in Southern California, the water is always cold.

Whereas in Texas, the water is actually warm, in the Gulf of Mexico around the summer months for a few months, for the rest of time is fairly cool too. But despite the coolness, it never gets as cold as it is in Southern California when it comes to being in the water.

For those people that like surf and turf, hands-down the number one surfing is probably going to be in Southern California because in the Gulf of Mexico around the Houston and all those areas, that would be the second best place for the wave as far as in Florida goes.

I don’t see any waves when I’m out there. I don’t know why there was not a lot of waves out in the ocean during the week that I was there. The ocean was pretty much calm the entire time and I’m not talking about the Tampa Bay area. I’m talking about like on the west coast of Clearwater Beach area.

So that I just want to share that with you guys. Now,  as far that’s the ocean go so hands-down if you love swimming in the ocean and taking your kids there. I would definitely recommend Florida over any other places in America. Also, the sand in Florida is much more beautiful than the beach sand in Texas or beach sand in California. The sand there is by far much better in Florida.

There’s another thing too that I did not notice before but the sand in Florida is much wider and much cleaner. When you get the sand on your body, it does not stick to your body as much as it does like the beach and that’s in Texas and the beach sand in California.

If you are in Florida, you got to make sure that you wear some sunglasses out there because the sand is so light and it’s so bright that it can be blinding like being on a sunny day on a snowy area. That’s the difference between the beaches.

Now as far as the lakes go hands-down the best lakes are going to be in Texas, the lakes in Austin and the lakes in Dallas, most of them are all man-made. They were made during that era when they were doing all the construction in America to give people jobs and stuff after the depression. So there’s a lot of man-made lakes in Texas, especially around the Dallas and the Austin Texas area.

The lakes are in my opinion and the creeks and the river in Texas are much much more beautiful and much more alive than the lakes in Southern California or Florida. It’s not even a comparison in Southern California because they’re dying of thirst and water over there.

They have a really massive drought problem. Because they never took the time or spent the money to build dams and lakes to store water and create a reservoir. So if you like water, especially freshwater, you probably don’t want to be California because they don’t have a lot of fresh water there.

The lakes and rivers and creeks in Florida are not the same as the ones in Texas the lakes down there are not fully developed. They have a lot more lakes and stuff there but it’s not it’s fully developed.

What I mean by that is that if you go to most of the lakes in Texas around the perimeter, there’s jogging the park and all kinds of stuff to help people that are health conscious and want to exercise and just want to be near lakes and stuff. They got a lot of facilities and the infrastructure there for people to enjoy the lake. Whereas the ones in Florida or they’re not as well developed for leisure.

That’s all I have for this video. In the next video, I will cover the other topics such as the people in Florida and the jobs and business stuff that’s in there. Thanks for watching this video guys and if you like it subscribe to my channel and then I’ll see you in the next one.

And if you have any friends or family members is trying to consider to move from Texas to Florida or vice versa, make sure you share this video because it will save them a lot of hassle. Because they may not be able to take a week vacation down there to go in and do with it and then take a look at it.


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